It is a fixed-line telephone service (Fixed Line) with nationwide geographic telephone numbers. Customer simply makes to both local call and international call at affordable rates with premium communication quality.

Service charge

One time charge (installation charge)
  • Analog Line 2,000 Baht/circuit
Monthly charge (maintenance charge)
Domestic call charge (air time charge)
International call charge (air time charge)
Customer installation site changing fee

Service application

Required documents for CAT fixed line

  • Copy of Citizen ID card with verified signature

In case of the authority is delegated, (complimentary documents)

  • Power of attorney
  • Copy of citizen ID card or passport of both grantor and grantee with verified signature

Further Information

▶ Corporate Service Department
Tel : 02-104-5555
Email :

▶ Government/State Enterprise service department
Tel : 02-104-1111
Email :

▶ CAT customer service offices

Download the application for CAT fixed line
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